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Professional translations at competitive prices

I offer my services at competitive and reasonable rates. I prefer to stand out for the quality of my translation work rather than for the lowest prices or fastest delivery.

What will it cost?

The rate depends on the complexity, style, quality, file format and volume of the text in question. Localizing an essential slogan or a pun may take longer than translating a fact sheet. On the other hand, a short but highly specialized technical document may require time to research and double check to make sure it is 100% right. My rates start from € 0.14/source text word, and I charge a minimum of € 20 per project.

How long will it take?

I usually calculate around 2,000 source text words per working day for any translation project or 4,000 words for editing. (As a comparison, this page has around 290 words.) The delivery date will depend on my schedule, and also on the urgency of your project. For urgent translation jobs an extra fee may apply. For larger projects I can also put together a translation team: in such cases I oversee the entire project and final proof-reading.

Individual prices

Please send your documents as email attachments for a rapid quotation. Rest assured that your data will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. Please indicate your preferred deadline while requesting a quotation.

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Pricing examples

industrial machinery installation manual
safety sheet
consumer electronics software
marketing correspondence